Experience the depth of Being, which is Peace and Happiness, while living your everyday life.

No need to be an ascetic or a monastic.

No need to join any organization or group.

No need to assume external beliefs and dogma.

No need to be told what to think and how to live.






The Way


With the Work described in this website, I intend to deliver pure spirituality, without religious or spiritual beliefs, as the processes described here, are universal and can be partaken by all human beings. The point of this work is to unload baggage, instead of placing more on one’s shoulders.

This website includes spiritual iconography and terminology. The two reasons behind this are, personal taste and, perhaps, this is an easier way to communicate ideas.

Please keep in mind that, although I have personal preferences, which are diverse, I respect every True spiritual tradition and religion, as I believe that there is only one Spiritual Tradition and only one Religion, which is the Source of all others.

If your spiritual or religious sentiment is disturbed by this idea, then perhaps at this moment this is not a good place for you.

If you are a spiritual person, coming from a traditional background and you don’t like the way I mix things, try to see the common thread beyond everything I say and I write.

If you are a spiritual person that, doesn’t like traditional or specific iconography and terminology, please ignore it and just take what you are comfortable with.

If you are an atheist/materialist, that’s 100% fine and I believe that you can be helped a lot with the work that is offered here.



As a mystic, I have to confess that it is more difficult to have a relationship with something abstract, so many times I use forms.

As a teacher, I have to confess that is more easy to use specific terminology, in order to convey precise ideas, so many times I use terminology.

As a Truth Lover, I have to confess that what exists is just the Truth and I am That, so are You.


The Path

There is the Path and there are paths to the Path.

One begins the Path by a Spiritual Initiation.

Spiritual Initiation is a certain recognition of our True Nature. It is a beginning and it can come in two ways.

In the way of the Father, you recognize your True Nature as all-encompassing primordial, unmanifest Consciousness/Awareness.

In the way of the Mother, you recognize yourself as all-encompassing, transpersonal, divine Love/Energy Current.

Although there are two ways, the Path is one, like a one-way road that has two lanes. Eventually the line that separates the two disappears. The same happens to the road.

In reality, there is just the pathless Path, where one becomes what one is already. This is what I call the Way of the Heart.


What do I mean by Initiation

Initiation is a recognition that something is, in a certain way. Spiritual Initiation is the recognition of Who and What one is. This recognition has far reaching effects and establishes one on the Path. The Path consists of the stabilization, clarification and deepening of the recognition and adjusting the way of living and interacting according to it. Initiation reveals the end, and sets the journey towards it.

I understand that many think of initiations as procedures that may include words and/or rituals. These are just outer and most of the time unnecessary formalities, for the true Initiation is what is described above.


How is this work different

There are numerous organizations, religious or spiritual, that give initiations. Unless their initiation, establishes one experientially (not just philosophically) to one of the two ways mentioned above, then this is not a Spiritual Initiation, in the way I mean the term. They are initiations that perhaps put somebody on the path to the Path.

One should be true to themselves, about their current experience and what they are looking for. At the same time, every Ιnitiator, should be truthful towards any student or seeker about what they represent and what they can deliver. Also, they should be a living example of what they represent.


This is for everyone who:

-Wants spirituality, in the truest sense.

-Wants to wake up on who they are.

-Wants to grow up on who they can be.

-Wants deep and radical change.

-Wants to remain free of dogma.

-Wants to remain free from problematic relationships with organizations and individuals.


What do I represent

I represent Freedom and Love for the Truth and I share genuine care and compassion for others who want the same.

I have answers. But, most importantly, I can help you find yours.

I am established in deep Peace and Happiness. But, most importantly, I know how to get you there.

I represent myself.

The Way
of the Mother

The Way
of the Heart

The Way
of the Father


Shakti Immersion:

10 months into The Way of the Mother


Dear Friends,

With great pleasure, I announce this year’s (online) Shakti Immersion, which will last 10 months, from March till December. As this is an offer for a limited number of people and last year’s group was full, a few hours after announcement, I expect from those who are truly interested, to get in touch, as soon as possible.


The Goal:

The intention behind this is to share Presence, knowledge and time, as a friend, with people who sincerely want to walk the Spiritual Path, leading to Spiritual Enlightenment, in the sense that the Great Traditions describe Ιt.


Who is this for:

This is for anyone, who wants to experience uninterrupted, causeless Peace and Happiness, understanding that this is not possible to be found in the world, in the gross realm (i.e. assets), nor in the subtle realm (i.e. relationships, hobbies, psychology, art), nor in faux spirituality (i.e. merely intellectual theorizing, practices with unsubstantiated metaphysical orientation).


The Way:

The Way towards this will be, the full uncoiling, unleash of Kundalini Shakti, the Holy Spirit, the Evolutionary Power, existing as the spiritual potential, waiting to be actualized, in the body-mind of every human being. At the same time, She (Kundalini Shakti) is the Goddess, Existing beyond any dualistic differentiation, guiding one’s path.


The means:

The full uncoiling will be facilitated by Spiritual Transmissions and Spiritual Instruction, in the form of dialogue.

There will be no techniques taught, other than a very simple and very advanced way of tapping into meditation.

I am not offering any techniques, what I am offering is a Relationship, the most potent catalyst, towards Enlightenment.

By managing to keep this friendship for 10 months, one will make the biggest possible progress.


The setting:

Although this takes place in an online group setting, this is not group work. Each one has their own process and the facilitation of it happens one on one, as the group meets. There will be not be pre-formed group teachings (i.e. a standard curriculum). There will be no group dynamics. Just me and you, or, even better, just you and your self.

What is required for all of us, is to be fully open and available, during meetings. There are no other requirements and there will be no other interaction, outside of this.

True and sincere devotion, to your own spiritual process, will impregnate you with the right questions and will liberate you with the right answers.


The Effect:

This process is mentioned in most spiritual traditions, in many different ways. Sometimes, mentioning it, is omitted. Regardless of that, this process (in a few variations) is taking place, every time someone is truly on the Spiritual Path. This is the process of God starting to dissolve one’s separate sense of self, until only God remains.


The sideffects:

While communing the Eternal, what takes place, within time, as Kundalini is fully uncoiled, is the infusion of God’s Spirit, Presence to one’s body-mind. This starts an alchemical procedure, where the mind, the emotions and even the physical body, begin to get refined, in a way that God’s Presence shines more and more through and as them.

This alchemical process, is accompanied by mental, emotional and physical turmoil, purification, and integration. The range of the phenomena experienced, is very wide and varies, according to each person’s conditioning and predisposition.

Apart from these phenomena, which can be mild, wild, or anything in between, there are some side-effects of the spiritual process, that are beneficial for one’s life.

The mind becomes less busy, more stable and clear. One begins to experience spontaneous meditative states.

The emotional range in which one operates becomes broader and the emotional depth that one reaches becomes bigger. In other words, one gets “trained” to be more convenient with a bigger range of “pleasant” and “unpleasant” emotions and to feel them in a deeper depth. Also, the physiological functions of the body change and, many times, physical healing takes place.


A note on trauma:

Nowadays, more and more people are getting interested in healing psychoemotional and psychosomatic trauma. The Kundalini process takes this to another level. No technique or modality can reach this kind of depth, in trauma healing. That said, sometimes this comes with an intensity that can be unpleasant. If one partakes on this journey, they should be ready, for everything. On the good side, what remains after the release and integration of these experiences, is pure gold, on a mental, emotional and somatic level.


Emotional stability:

Before going into this, one should be emotionally stable, so that they do not hurt themselves and others physically or emotionally. Even stable people can get unstable with Kundalini and that is part of the process, but one should be aware of this and behave accordingly, for the duration of the Shakti Immersion and later.


Financial stability:

Before going into the Spiritual path, one should be stable financially. Part of the reason that some traditions had age, gender and other limitations, for allowing people to study their innermost teachings, was for ensuring that one can handle the “bumps” on the road, without breaking down.


A note on control:

Another part of the reason that traditions, imposed limitations, were the social and cultural frameworks of their times. In today’s society, this is not necessary and I believe that any person, of any age, race, sex, creed can be on the path, as long as some characteristics are met.

Something to keep in mind is that, ultimately, any of the above (emotional / financial stability etc.), are not in our control. God choοses the path for each person and there’s ultimately no way of making things different. However, unless one reaches this conclusion experientially, this is an idea that shouldn’t be taken into consideration and, therefore, every sensible caution should be taken, so that a person is properly oriented towards this endeavor.



Although I will be using terminology coming from spiritual traditions and religions, this only happens in order to convey specific notions in an accurate and easy way.

The process I am describing is the process behind and beyond any spiritual tradition and religion.

If you follow a specific religion / tradition, please keep it this way. I see no conflict there.

If you follow a specific teaching, please see how what is happening here is relevant and integrate that into your path.

If you follow a specific teacher, if he/she is a real teacher, they will be happy if you get Enlightened.


Direct and progressive paths:

In (real) spiritual schools, there are two paths, the direct and the progressive. This Immersion, takes the point of view of the direct and sudden approach, at the same time, recognizing the changes that need to occur in one’s body-mind, in order for the Realization that “This” is always, already the case, to take place. The Path is the same for everyone, yet whatever one meets, while on It, is individual.


Where to start:

Are you ready?


Light, Life, Love


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Shaktipat Initiation (March 2021)

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Shaktipat Initiation (June 2020)

Shaktipat Initiation: The Path of Grace   Begin your Spiritual journey and supercharge your evolution, with one of the most sough-after Initiations.   Spiritual benefits: Awakening of the Kundalini. Initiation to the path of Grace, leading to Enlightenment....


Tasos Nakis

Tasos has a daily practice of serving people, by helping them resolve their problems, whether they are of spiritual, emotional or physical nature.

For doing this, which he truly loves, he left a very promising career as a criminal lawyer.

After the Realization of his True Nature, he understood that this is the most valuable and noble pursuit one can aim for.

Therefore, what he enjoys the most, is helping people Realize their True Nature, while being fully immersed into life.

He believes that the root cause of every problem we experience, as individuals, and, consequently, as a collective, is the illusory felt sense of separation, that gives us the experience of being a separate entity, disconnected and alienated from ourselves, the world and others.

He also believes that the restοration of this misunderstanding, is the only way for human beings to live in true Wisdom, perfect Happiness and unshakable Peace. This is both the pinnacle and the birthright of the human experience. It is the natural consequence of Gnosis, the Realization of Who and What one is.

Although he has been a practitioner and lineage holder of various Spiritual and Initiatory traditions of the East and the West, he prefers to keep things simple and spontaneous, showing up as the living Tradition, instead of being constricted in any dogma or framework.

He lives a family life, which is sometimes ordinary, sometimes extraordinary, as he sees no other way, than living and celebrating with whatever comes up.


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