Shaktipat Initiation:

The Path of Grace


Begin your Spiritual journey and supercharge your evolution, with one of the most sough-after Initiations.


Spiritual benefits:

  • Awakening of the Kundalini.
  • Initiation to the path of Grace, leading to Enlightenment.
  • Experience Universal/Divine Love, supporting your transformation.
  • Experience Universal/Divine Energy fueling your transformation.
  • Experience altered states of consciousness, in a natural way.
  • This is the prerequisite for completely opening all chakras.
  • Initiation to the graceful way of natural meditation.
  • Meditation without effort.

Psychological benefits:

  • Achieve great emotional healing.
  • Receive empowerment.
  • Resolve internal conflicts and integrate fragments of personality and soul.
  • Dissolve limiting beliefs.
  • Free yourself form personal or generational trauma.
  • Initiate integration and wholeness or pre-personal, personal and transpersonal aspects.
  • Feel grounded.

Physical benefits:

  • Integrate your brain (hemispheres and triune brain).
  • Achieve a calm mind.
  • Heal your nervous system from trauma.
  • Restore and re-tune your neural system.
  • Heal diseases (if they block the way to Enlightenment).

Life Purpose:

  • Unleash your limitless potential.
  • Cultivate a greater personality mastery.
  • Make you relationships complete and meaningful.
  • Overcome life path obstacles.

You will greatly benefit from this if you are:

  • A person that want to engage on the Mystical Path, leading to Enlightenment.
  • A person who is seriously engaged in psychotherapeutic and/or trauma release work.
  • A person who is engaged in any sort of energy work, with the direction on merging with the Divine.
  • A person who is engaged in initiatory procedures.
  • A psychotherapist / healer / energy-worker/ body-worker.

Who is this not for:

  • Anyone who wants to keep a separate sense of identity and live through that.
  • Anyone who doesn’t want to merge with God.
  • Anyone who doesn’t want to encounter their emotional traumas, unconscious parts, beliefs, identifications and psycho-emotional baggage.


  • If you are experiencing psychiatric disorders and/or serious mental issues, you have to work with a specialist and reach a certain balance, before pursuing this Work.
  • You can be of any color, race, sex, belief, religion, age. I don’t discriminate. I will not tell you to believe in anything. I don’t preach.


  • None. However, being open and having a positive, if not devotional predisposition towards God(dess) helps. That said, there have been people who didn’t have either and were successfully initiated.
  • For online events, you need to have access to a computer or tablet, with a camera, microphone, headphones and stay in a place that you will be uninterrupted.


Shaktipat is a downpour of Grace. Although the term is Sanskrit and comes from the Tantric tradition, the Reality it describes is Universal.


Shaktipat Initiation

In Shaktipat Initiation, this downpour of Grace takes place, which as a result, activates the evolutionary force, Kundalini Shakti. This initiates the evolutionary process, which results to Self-Realization/Enlightenment. Shaktipat Initiation, is the equivalent of baptism by Spirit, in Christianity.


Kundalini Awakening

There is no practice that can awaken Kundalini. For Her to awaken, we need to realize our Essential Nature as Energy. Kundalini is always awake, but it looks like it needs awakening from the ignorant point of view of separation. For this ignorance to get cleared, the mind needs to be quietened, so that the felt experience of the flow of energy, in the body, in the nervous system, and in the subtle field in and around us, takes place. One does not awaken Kundalini, but Kundalini awakens one.


What Shaktipat Initiation does

Shaktipat Initiation clears the way so that we experientially come into contact with this great ocean of unlimited potential, creative energy, unmanifest possibility and abundance. This happen with the facilitation from one who is already aware and well established in the process.


Shaktipat Intensive

The Shaktipat Intensive provides a conducive environment for Kundalini to awaken and raise in a very safe way.


Natural Meditation

During the Shaktipat Intensive, you will also get initiated into the practice of Natural Meditation. This is one of the simplest and at the same time most advanced meditation practices. It is also a good was of clearing emotional charge and inner conflicts. There are only a few things this kind of meditation cannot clear.

Regardless of your background this practice is very important. If you are a beginner, you will be taught a way to meditate successfully.

If you are an advanced meditator, you will learn how to meditated effortlessly. Effortful practices can take one up to Ajna chakra. From there to Sahasrara chakra, there is an abyss that needs to be crossed. This cannot happen by effort; hence Natural Meditation is a very proper vehicle for this to happen.

You will learn how to surrender and trust that you will not only be suspended, but pulled all the way to the Source, by Unconditional Love.

During the Shaktipat Intensive, you will receive oral guidance and written material, so that you can establish your practice.


What is Kundalini

Kundalini is God(dess). Kundalini is Man. Kundalini is the Universe. Kundalini is You. She is what you are made of, from pure Being to mind to body. She is the fabric of Reality, the primary substance, everything is made of.


Kundalini as the Goddess (Para Shakti)

Kundalini (Para Shakti) is Universal Consciousness, the Intelligence and the Energy that creates everything. Kundalini is what people call God and what the Traditions call the Goddess. Everything you can perceive, or cannot perceive, is Kundalini. She is also the Perceiver. Everything that exists in potentiality is Kundalini. Also, everything that didn’t come to existence yet. Kundalini is before space, since She is the one who creates space. Kundalini is before time, since She is the one who creates time.


Kundalini as the Soul (Chit Shakti)

Kundalini (Chit Shakti) is individual Consciousness. Regardless of the terminology or model of reality one uses, Kundalini (Chit Shakti) is also what religions, spiritual traditions and the mystery schools call Soul/Divine Spark/Atman. Kundalini is the primordial Essence. In reality, Soul/Divine Spark/Atman is also God/Absolute, as a drop is also the ocean. Individual Consciousness is always universal Consciousness.

Sometimes, the term Soul, is used to mention something that is separate from God and impure. Regardless of the model of understanding one has, Kundalini is also that and She is also the Way and the means to reach the condition mentioned above. In every Mystery School, initiation has the goal for the Soul of the Initiate to come online, get purified and re-integrate to God/Pure Spirit/Absolute, so that the sense of individuality to ceases.


Kundalini as Energy (Prana Shakti)

There is a concept that is not exactly accurate, which suggests that Kundalini is some sort of energy that is dormant and need to be awakened. One of the aims on Initiation is the recognition that Kundalini is the one running the energies inside the body and also the energies of the universe. As one progresses on the Path, they start surrendering more and more to Kundalini and as a result, the energies of the body start to amplify and get directed from the periphery to the core. The same happens to the energies of the mind.


Kundalini and physiology

In simplistic terms, the cerebrospinal fluid becomes more active, starting to heal the brain and the nervous system.

The messages of the spinal nerves and the vagus nerve, become more pronounced, creating a vertical “flow” in the body that becomes a central axis of coordination. The fascia starts of open up and the enhanced signals that follow the opening of the fascia, are getting directed towards that coordinated flow.

The process resets the endocrine system and can be beneficial to various diseases.


Kundalini and the subtle bodies

The process described above, changes the electromagnetic field of the human body. The field gets stronger and amplified and also more efficient. This fortifies the “aura”, increases vitality and willpower. Also, the person starts getting a better sense of their self and their needs. They get more sensitive to the signals coming from the world and from other others. At the same time their field is more protected from outer influences. The various subtle energy flows get concentrated towards a main central flow, called the central channel (sushumna nadi).

It advanced stages, the process continues with the revelation of the golden/immortal/solar body of the spiritual traditions.


Kundalini in psychological terms

In psychological terms, Kundalini also pays the role of the gate and the gatekeeper to the unconscious. That means that a certain connection of conscious and unconscious gets established and a great amount of unconscious material starts entering consciousness, in order to become conscious. This includes suppressed and repressed material, complexes, traumas, subpersonalities and fragmented parts of the personality and the Soul, in general. This also includes ancestral traits and subtle forms of various diseases that your ancestors went through. The Kundalini path, with proper guidance, is also an alternative and a great aid to psychotherapy.


Kundalini and separation

Kundalini is the bridge that bridges all gaps, the fire that purifies all impurities and the acid that dissolves all notions of separateness. In reality, there is not separation, nor in the physical or the subtle levels. Physical bodies cannot survive outside the biosphere; therefore, every physical body is always connected to the biosphere. That makes all physical bodies an interconnected sum, resolving the problem of dualism even in the physical realm.

In the subtle realms individual minds are interconnected, as part of One Mind, God’s Mind. If minds were not connected, communication wouldn’t be possible.

Ultimately, even if one is not ready to accept the above positions, everything is connected by Consciousness, since this is the fundamental prerequisite of any experience.

Down this path, the practitioner will experientially realize what is written above.


The Path of Grace

This can also be called the path of letting go, surrender, love and devotion. After Initiation, and following some simple instructions, one puts themselves, in the disposal of the Goddess. That is, in the disposal of God/Absolute. This energy, brings great abundance, but She has her own agenda, her own evolutionary impulse and She will fulfill it. Surrendering and letting go, accelerated the process. It is like removing the foot from the brake pedal, when the gas pedal is used. We go from being an individual human being struggling with themselves and the world, to an extraordinary being dancing with themselves and the world, to no being, no self, no world.

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