Spirit Infusion

This workshop, by Tasos Nakis, is an integral synthesis, informed by Zivorad Slavinski’s Transdimensional Breathing, Stanislav Groff’s Holotropic Breathwork, Shamanic Journeying and Soul Retrieval, Western Theurgy, Inner Alchemy and Tantra.

We will experience, even physically, the force called ether / prana / chi / ki / orgone, our own life-force and the life-force of the planet.

We will shake off trauma from the nervous system, as well as traumatic memories from the mind and retrain unwanted instinctual reactions.

We will access, heal and reconcile with parts of us that have been suppressed and cut-off.

We will receive blessings and healing from Gaia, the Higher Cosmic Mother Goddesses and the Divine Mother.

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