Spiritual Intensive

Open up and be Who you are, always, already!

Led by: Tasos Nakis




For three days, using the spiritual technology pioneered by Zivorad Slavinski, we will explore our inner landscape, share deep, meaningful, lifechanging experiences and most importantly, experience directly Who and What we are.

There will be psychological and other benefits, as a result from what will take place, but the goal, the direction and the priority, will be Spiritual Enlightenment.


Charity event in memoriam of Zivorad Slavinksi

Zivorad’s work has impacted innumerable number of beings, myself included.

The impact was such, that, seven years ago, I became a trainer in his methods and a Master of his Intensives.

During these years, as I have been visiting Belgrade, on and off, it occurred to me, that most people (in spiritual circles) have heard of him and his work, but still, a fair amount, never had the chance to experience it, first-hand.

I am taking this opportunity to share this, honouring his memory, a year after his death.

All proceedings will go for children in need, in Serbia.

For detailed information about the charity, please contact the organizers (Nova-Svest).




Spirit Infusion

This workshop, by Tasos Nakis, is an integral synthesis, informed by Zivorad Slavinski’s Transdimensional Breathing, Stanislav Groff’s Holotropic Breathwork, Shamanic Journeying and Soul Retrieval, Western Theurgy, Inner Alchemy and Tantra.

We will experience, even physically, the force called ether / prana / chi / ki / orgone, our own life-force and the life-force of the planet.

We will shake off trauma from the nervous system, as well as traumatic memories from the mind and retrain unwanted instinctual reactions.

We will access, heal and reconcile with parts of us that have been suppressed and cut-off.

We will receive blessings and healing from Gaia, the Higher Cosmic Mother Goddesses and the Divine Mother.

(Please bring a yoga mat and a blanket. If you wish, also bring a scarf, or something similar, to cover your eyes.)



Gnostic Intensive

This workshop is one of the best chances we have to Experience Who and What we are, directly, to Directly Experience Truth.

This is the sought-after goal of the Great Spiritual Traditions and Religions of all time.

Whether one calls it Buddha Nature, True Self, Shiva, Brahman, Tao, they refer to the same Reality.

In terms of spiritual progress, it is problematic to have a mere intellectual appreciation of this information, as this creates beliefs and puts more weight on us. It is necessary for one to directly Experience this Reality and live life informed, constantly, by this Experience, which Itself is Eternal.

I cannot stress enough how crucial this is for those who are truly on the Spiritual Path and want to experience real meditation and unceasing prayer.



Sunyata Intensive

In this workshop, we will conduct a number of experiments, the result of which will be the experience of our True Self.

The experiments themselves will last a few hours, but their result is far-reaching.

The recognitions made here, counts for years of meditation or other spiritual practice.

The end result is unmistakable and, so far, everyone has appreciated it, in terms of both spiritual and everyday life experience.



This will take place in an informal group setting, while keeping intact the genuine inner characteristics, that make this coming together Spiritually fruitful.

Questions will be taken, about the Spiritual Path, in general, and Enlightenment, in particular.

You are welcome to ask any question, from any Tradition of the East and the West.


To conclude

This event is absolutely important, if you are interested to:

– Get a real taste of your True Nature.

– Accelerate your spiritual development.

– Access a space in which every experience of your life can unfold.

– Get a new, deeper, truer sense of self that you can build upon and act from.

– Feel freedom from the illusion of separation.

– Experientially realize the unity of all things.

If reading any of the above hit something good in you, I will be very happy to see you on the event.

If you feel uncertain, or lukewarm, about having a very deep impact on your psychology and spirituality, as well as living with the consequences that it will bring, I suggest that it is better to leave this for another time.

If you suffer from any kind of psychological problems or difficulties, please inform the organizers before applying.


Short bio:

Tasos has a daily practice of serving people, by helping them resolve their problems, whether they are of spiritual, emotional or physical nature.

For doing this, which he truly loves, he left a very promising career as a criminal lawyer.

After the Realization of his True Nature, he understood that this is the most valuable and noble pursuit one can aim for.

Therefore, what he enjoys the most, is helping people Realize their True Nature, while being fully immersed into life.

He believes that the root cause of every problem we experience, as individuals, and, consequently, as a collective, is the illusory felt sense of separation, that gives us the experience of being a separate entity, disconnected and alienated from ourselves, the world and others.

He also believes that the restοration of this misunderstanding, is the only way for human beings to live in true Wisdom, perfect Happiness and unshakable Peace. This is both the pinnacle and the birthright of the human experience. It is the natural consequence of Gnosis, the Realization of Who and What one is.

Although he has been a practitioner and lineage holder of various Spiritual and Initiatory traditions of the East and the West, he prefers to keep things simple and spontaneous, showing up as the living Tradition, instead of being constricted in any dogma or framework.

He lives a family life, which is sometimes ordinary, sometimes extraordinary, as he sees no other way, than living and celebrating with whatever comes up.


Times & Dates:

Friday 03/02/2023 @ 17.30 – 21.00

Saturday 04/02/2023 @ 10.00 – 16.30

Sunday 05/02/2023 @ 10.00 – 14.00 & 17.00 – 19.00



Belgrade, Serbia



Please bring a yoga mat and a blanket. (Friday only)



Standard price: €590

Special one-time charity event, in memoriam of Zivorad Slavinski: €190

Early bird price, for “Special one-time charity event, in memoriam of Zivorad Slavinski”: €170 (until 15/01/2023)


Information & Registration:


For Serbia – Croatia – Slovenia – Montenegro – North Macedonia – Bosnia:

Nova-Svest |Tel: 063/ 309 359 | e-mail: seminar@novasvest.com


For the rest of the world:

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