Sudden Illumination: The Gateless Gate

This two-day intensive workshop is an Initiation to the Way of the Father, using means of Sudden Illumination and a very direct approach, as it is done in Dzogchen, Zen, Advaita Vedanta and Gnosticism.

The result will be a crystal-clear experience of that which “The Path” is about.

The purists of Truth, might argue that this is not an “experience”, as it is not within space-time.

However, as it is labeled, as such, by the mind, we can only talk about it, in certain ways.

Usually, it takes years, for serious spiritual practitioners, to have a taste of this experience.

Nonetheless, using various approaches and “skillful means”, it will be possible for all participants.

Depending, on one’s readiness and, most importantly, one’s predisposition, this can leave a permanent “crack”, of varying size, allowing the Changeless to infuse one’s identity and, consequently, spiritual and everyday life experience.

A permanent shift of identity, from the changing to the Changeless, consists the beginning of Spiritual Enlightenment and opens the way for many new possibilities.

Everything I describe here is just a pointer or an afterthought, to that which cannot be named, but has been called by many names, such as “The Father”, “Allah”, “Shiva”, “Brahman”, “The Self, “Void”, “Shoonya”, Sunyata, “Ain Sof”, “The Tao”, “Buddha Nature”, “Nous”.

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