The Way of the Father


This is the way of Realizing your Self as pure Consciousness/Awareness, that is Presence and Peace beyond understanding. The path, where the Self shines as everything and everyone. This is where Consciousness meets the mind, the body and the creation.

-He can never be known, unless you are Him.
-He cannot be spoken of, unless you speak as Him.
-He cannot be named, for He doesn’t have a name.
-He cannot be seen, for He is the one that sees.
-He cannot be called upon, for He is the one that speaks.
-He cannot die, as He was never born.

In the beginning this can start as pure Meditation, also called Witnessing. As one progresses, the sense of self one has, gives its place to this Witness. As one progresses even further, this witness devours everything, and appears as everything and everyone, and finally as himself. This is where everything and nothing is transcended and He only exists.

In the spiritual traditions:

-He is the Father of the Bible.
-He is the Allah of the Quran.
-He is the Shiva of the yogis.
-He is the Brahman of Vedanta.
-He is the Shoonya of the Shavites.
-He is the Sunyata, the Great Void of Buddhism.
-He is what Zen is pointing at.

In my personal journey, I found Who I Am. I Realized the Self and since then, as the time passed and life went on, this Realization deepened, starting to include my mind, my emotions, others and the word, until just Realization remained. Realizing the Self can happen in a split of a second. Living from and as this Realization, takes a lifetime. I cannot think of anything more worthwhile than this and it is a great pleasure to help others towards the same.

Initiation to The Way of the Father can take place individually or in a group, in proximity or at a distance. This involves the Realization of one’s True Nature as Consciousness, unaffected by anything that arises. The way to do this, is through Sudden Illumination and the Direct Path of pointing out instructions. This is a journey of experiencing the Silence and the Peace of the Self, directly, as the Light of Awareness dispels ignorance, through higher discrimination, and shines on Itself, as it has always been the case.


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