The Way of the Mother


This is the Path of Love and Devotion. Also, the path of Energy. In reality, everything you can see is the Mother. Everything of made of the Mother, by the Mother, sustained by Her and destroyed by Her. She is the one that conceals and the one that reveals. In Truth, all her forms are You and the Initiatory Path is for this realization to take place. This is where Love and Energy meet Consciousness.

In her supreme form, as the Goddess:
-She is the Light that En-light-ens All.
-She is the Life, the Breath of All.
-She is the Love, the Happiness of All.
-She is the Liberty and the great liberator of All.

In her other form, as you:
-She is your Soul, waiting to merge with Spirit.
-She is your fullest potential, waiting to be expressed
-She is your life-force, waiting to be fully unleashed.

In the other form, as the Kosmos:
-She is the cause and effect and at the same time prior and free from all causality.
-She is spacetime and the source of that.
-She is the mind and the one who gave birth to it.
-She appears as any teacher.
-She appears as any teaching.

In the spiritual traditions:
-She is the Kundalini Shakti and the Goddesses of Tantra.
-She is the Holy Shekinah of the Kabbalah.
-She is the Sophia of the Gnostics.
-She is the Isis of the Egyptians.
-She is the Secret Fire of the Alchemists.

In my personal journey, I have encountered Her in many forms, shapes, sounds, smells and tastes and in various ways and relationships. I have experienced Her in ways of the east and the west. I am forever bound with Her. She is all I Am. Anything I do, comes from Her and all I have is Her. May we all be blessed by Her, as She is the only Grace.

Initiation to The Way of the Mother can take place individually or in a group, in proximity or at a distance. It is called Shaktipat Initiation. The term comes from the Tantric tradition. In involves the realization of one’s True Nature as Divine Energy, which manifests individually as Spirit Current, known in the same tradition as Kundalini Shakti. With this Initiation the, otherwise obstructed, flow of this individual energy current, becomes unobstructed and the journey begins. A journey of Liberation from ignorance through Energy Love and Bliss.


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